Need Support? We're here to help. Below is a full list of all AxelMusic's Commands. If you require further support please join the support server!
Help Core h, cmd, command !help
setprefix Core prefix, set-prefix !setprefix [new prefix]
Premium-Server Core set-guild, giveprem, activate, premiumGuild, set-premium-guild, perm-guildSet, psAdd, ps-add !Premium-Server
invite Info vote, supportServer, support, support-server !invite
ping Info pi, latency !ping
premium Info N/A !premium
stats Info uptime, bot, info, stat !stats
autoplay Music auto-play, ap, auto !autoplay
back Music back, before, ba, bk, bac !back
clear-queue Music clear-q, q-clear, clearqueue, cq, c-q, clear !clear-queue
filter Music N/A !filter [filter name]
filters Music w-filters !filters
filters Music w-filters !filters
jump Music go-to, goTo, ju, jp, jm !jump [Track-Number]
loop Music repeat !loop
loop Music repeat !loop
lyrics Music ly, l !lyrics [Song-Name]
nowplaying Music np, current !nowplaying
pause Music N/A !pause
play Music p !play [Name/Url]
save-queue Music sq !save-queue [add/remove/play]
queue Music q !queue
radio Music N/A !radio [radio-name]
remove Music del, re, rm !remove [Track - Number]
search Music yt, sr !search [name]
shuffle Music rando, shuff, sh !shuffle
skip Music next, sk !skip
sneek Music ffs, fs, fast-forward, fastforward !sneek [time]
stop Music dc, die !stop
volume Music v, vol !volume [Precent - Number]